Abacus mental maths programme

Our program is designed to help children aged 4-14 develop their math skills through the use of the abacus.

Whether your child is a beginner or an advanced learner, our classes are tailored to meet their unique needs and abilities.

Our classes are taught in a group setting, but each child receives individual attention to ensure they get the most out of their lessons. We believe that every child has the potential to succeed and that our program can help them reach their full potential.

Whether your child needs extra help with math or is simply looking for a fun and engaging way to learn, our programme is the perfect choice.

First level

Нашата програма - 4-6 годишни

4-6 years old

For children aged 4 to 6, the first level of our program consists of 72 lessons, each lasting 50 minutes, conducted twice a week over a period of 8 months. This level focuses on developing fine motor skills, which is crucial for the child’s overall personality development.

At this stage, we introduce children to the basics of using an abacus, starting with the initial operations, and gradually progress to more complex formulas. We also lay the foundation for mental calculation. By the end of the first level, children can count up to 999 on the abacus, as well as mentally.

Our program not only enhances fine motor skills, but also improves memory and concentration. Children gain confidence in their abilities and develop a strong passion for learning.

Нашата програма - 7-9 годишни

7-8 years old

Our program offers a first level suitable for children aged 7-9, which spans over 6 months or 24 lessons, held once a week for 90 minutes each.

In this level, we introduce students to the basics of using an abacus, including the transfer of 5 and some fundamental formulas, and we lay the foundation for mental calculation. By the end of this level, children will be able to count up to 999 both on the abacus and mentally.

Apart from enhancing mathematical skills, our program also aims to improve children’s motor skills, memory, and concentration. We believe that instilling confidence in our students is equally important, and we encourage them to approach every task with enthusiasm and determination.

Нашата програма - 10-14 годишни

10-14 years old

The initial level for children aged 10-14 years spans over 4 months and comprises of 16 lessons of 90 minutes each (conducted once a week). The curriculum focuses on introducing the fundamentals of the abacus, followed by the transfer of the 5, which involves teaching essential formulas. In addition to this, the program aims to establish the groundwork for mental calculation. By the end of the 1st level, children will be able to count up to 999 on the abacus, and perform mental calculations as well.

Through this program, children can enhance their motor skills, memory, and concentration, ultimately boosting their confidence. The most significant aspect is that children are eager to learn and engage in the program with enthusiasm.

Нашата програма - Второ ниво

Second level

In the second level, we focus on transferring the value of 10 through the use of formulas. Lessons and levels are also organized based on the age of the children. Compared to the previous two levels, this level is slightly longer in duration.

Third level

During the third level of our curriculum, students delve into the concepts of multiplication and division using the abacus, as well as mental strategies for solving these operations. To ensure that each child is appropriately challenged, we’ve divided the levels and lessons by age. However, we do make an exception for a small group of students who have not yet fully mastered the multiplication table. For these students, we allocate one month to focus on mastering the table before beginning the third level.

4-6 years old

The third level of classes is designed for children aged 4-6 years old and consists of 72 lessons, each lasting 50 minutes. These lessons are typically scheduled twice a week and cover a period of 8 months.

7-9 years old

The third level for children aged 7-9 is a 6-month program comprising 24 lessons, each lasting 90 minutes and held once a week.

10-14 years old

The third level course designed for children aged 10-14 spans over a period of 5 months, consisting of 20 lessons. Each lesson is scheduled for 90 minutes and conducted once a week.

After successfully completing level three, all children have demonstrated mastery in both abacus and mental multiplication and division.