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Get ready to boost your child’s math skills with Bright Pumpkins – a unique abacus mental maths programme.

Bright Pumpkins Център за детско развитие

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Welcome to Bright Pumpkins, a unique mental maths programme in Enfield. Our curriculum is designed to help children aged 4-14 years excel at mental arithmetic using traditional and multimedia teaching methods.

Abacus maths is an easy, efficient, and fast way for children to master mental arithmetic. Our programme uses the visualisation of the abacus to stimulate both sides of the brain, enhancing your child’s learning experience.

Mental arithmetic

Our small group classes provide individual support to each child to maximise their potential. Students start in our foundation class to learn the basic principles of the abacus and advance to the next level in accordance with their progress. Regular quizzes and tests assess each student’s development.

At Bright Pumpkins, we believe that the optimum time to learn the abacus and mental arithmetic is from the tender age of 4. Children at this age have good control over their motor sensory skills and possess a curious appetite for acquiring new skills. Our programme helps them to reason logically and absorb knowledge like a sponge absorbs water.

Development programs

Join us today and watch your child thrive with Bright Pumpkins’ abacus mental maths programme.
All abilities are welcome, and we guarantee to help your child master mental arithmetic with ease and efficiency. 


Development of concentration

Development of thinking and perception